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    TechnologySystems Integration

    For over 20 years we have assisted thousands of practices in making the successful transition to the digital office. Our proven experience eliminates costly mistakes in technology planning.

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    By helping you successfully adapt to using new technology we can help your practice realize higher returns on your investment.

    We can customize a learning solution for you.

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    TechnologyService & Support

    Our friendly technical experts provide solutions so you can be
    free to run your practice. We are part of your team.

Technology Solutions for Dentistry

DMA Inc. facilitates the process of digital integration. We work with various manufacturers to create a seamless network on which our clients can run their practice management software, digital x-ray systems, patient education programs, video imaging equipment and all other components of a patient's digital record.

The new UNO 2.0 clinical computer is here

The World's Most Space and Energy Efficient 19-inch Multi-Touch All-in-One Panel clinical computer designed to replace traditional desktop PC.

Major IT cost reductions over desktop PCs as a small footprint, All-in-One design allows for faster installation, relocation and operation at user's location - a traditional desktop PC requires installation and configuration of two pieces of equipment (PC Tower/Desktop and monitor).

Take your practice to the next level with the UNO 2.0.


Plan for the future with powerful software solutions


Current Version : 14.3.24


DMA is now offering dental websites

combined_thumbnailDMA is now offering customized, high impact dental websites for a comprehensive online experience. Our websites are custom designed and are not created from a template.





A unique set, sensor, control box and universal angulator with transmission by induction. It now provides the practitioner with all the study possibilities of radiological imaging. It is the latest wireless intra-oral sensor to combine freedom of movement with ease of diagnosis.


Apteryx Imaging is your digital dentistry solution

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